How to Stay Plugged In When Building Your Business

How to Stay Plugged In When Building Your Business

How much can we learn about life from a small appliance?

Yesterday, I placed a couple of leftover slices of pizza in the toaster oven to reheat.

After setting the timer, I sat down at my computer to check email.

When I heard the timer ring, I returned to the toaster oven to pull out two cold slices of pizza.

You got it – the toaster oven was not plugged in :-)

If I expect the toaster oven to heat my pizza, I should probably plug it in… which led me to wonder…

How many times have I expected everything to work without plugging it in?

It gets deeper: I also wondered how many times have I built up expectations regarding my business when I myself wasn’t plugged in?

I remembered ideas and initiatives I never pursued. I remembered writing out details for a project, but I never executed the plan.

Why didn’t I follow through? Why didn’t I execute the project? Because I myself wasn’t plugged in.

No new idea or initiative will work unless I’m plugged in.

And I know there’s no such thing as an overnight success. I’m realistic about expectations.

Building any business takes time – just like it takes time to reheat my pizza – once I plug in the toaster oven!

That’s what we can learn from a small appliance: we must first plug in before we can work.

My toaster oven was built to heat things up – what were you built for?

Once you plug in, what can you accomplish?

I think you’ll find inspiration right here on our site so stay tuned to

Let’s plug in! 




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